July 2016

Water use relaxed in Villa Park

By Sentry Staff

Serrano Water District (SWD) lifted most water restrictions for residents in its service area,  allowing watering on any day and as frequently as desired, with the caveat that there be no runoff or overspray.

Customers  are  encouraged  to continue to use water efficiently, fix  leaks  promptly  and  avoid washing  down  sidewalks  and driveways.

Residents had responded to the mandates by Gov. Jerry Brown, cutting water usage by 39 percent, more than the decreed 36 percent. As water supplies dried up, water usage and revenues shrank, with the result that rates for SWD customers increased in August 2015.

Despite the loss of income from recreation and storage fees at Irvine Lake, the SWD budget for 2016-17, approved at the June board meeting, reflects a net normal income figure of $1,379,850, before depreciation and amortization  and  capital  improvements, with a penciled revenue result of $129,928. SWD operates conservatively, aiming to hold reserves of $4 million to $5 million to purchase water, and improve infrastructure.

Dues Paid

The four seated directors (Division 3 seat is currently vacant), two of whom will retire at the end of 2016, voted to rejoin the California Special Districts Association (CSDA), for a fee of $4,871 for 2016.

The normal $6,000 fee was discounted as the board had allowed its  CSDA  membership  to  lapse after voting, Feb. 9, not to renew. Bill Nelson, current president of the CSDA and a Villa Park councilman, had urged SWD to rejoin CSDA.

The board issued a proclamation to David Noyes, commending him on his years of service with SWD Recreation, and retirement from the closed Irvine Lake.