By Liz Richell

At the risk of preaching to the choir, I’m going to suggest going for breakfast or lunch at Kimmie’s in Old Towne Orange.

I’m pretty sure that a vast number of the surrounding population does this already, especially on a weekend – but there’s always someone who lags behind, and this time it’s me.  Not that I haven’t tried on numerous occasions, but there always seems to be a clog of folk outside, waiting patiently for a table.

The recent fire in Elsinore caused my grandson Cody to seek refuge at my house. He loves to go to breakfast, so we set off early on a Saturday morning and – voila! – not only a parking spot, but also a vacant table on the sidewalk, which we needed because we were accompanied by his dog.

Our cheerful waitress immediately brought coffees, plus water for our canine friend (nice touch). Then we faced the challenge of toothsome choices from the lengthy menu, sorted under headings to make it slightly easier. There are classics (read eggs, bacon), Benedicts, scrambles, omelets (three eggs, choose three fillings), south of the border flavors, breakfast sandwiches, sweet tooth specials, and even a few lighter bites.

Cody settled for the country sliders: homemade biscuits stuffed with scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage patties, also homemade.  This platter made me think I had been out-ordered, but my own cinnamon roll French toast was equally mouth-watering: three slices of cinnamon roll, dipped in cinnamon and vanilla batter and topped with a homemade cream cheese glaze.  No calories in this dish, of course! Both portions were sufficient to require take-home boxes for enjoyment a second time.

Breakfast dishes are priced from $6 to $12, all hearty servings. Juice, coffee, hot chocolate, Arnold Palmers, and herbal teas are offered for $2 - $4 at both breakfast and lunch.

Speaking of which, Kimmie’s also does a brisk business for the mid-day meal, at which time you’ll be faced with decisions about hot or cold sandwiches, burgers, wraps, or specialty salads. If I was to choose one from each list, I might have a pepper jack steak sandwich (thin-sliced sirloin, smothered in grilled onions, bell pepper and melted pepper jack cheese on a fresh French roll); a bacon avocado cheeseburger; a chicken Caesar wrap (grilled chicken breast, leafy lettuce, fresh Parmesan cheese with Caesar dressing, wrapped in a spinach tortilla); an egg salad sandwich with tomato; or an Asian chicken salad. All sandwiches and wraps come with steak fries, fresh fruit or potato salad.  Kimmie’s also offers vegetarian options.  Prices are all around $10 - $12, and you won’t leave hungry.

There is always a “Blackboard Special of the Day.”  The address is 190 S. Grand, and the phone is (714) 288-2899, which is good to have handy for take-out orders.  

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September 2018