February 2020

American Grub

American Grub.  Sound intriguing? We thought so, too, and toddled off to Old Town Tustin to find out more.  This little bistro is at 365 El Camino Real, next door to the Tustin Museum. Take a seat within the brick walled interior, or on the sidewalk, while the evening temperatures are still quite pleasant.

The claim to fame here is – what else – burgers and hefty sandwiches. Ah, but the burgers are all made with Angus beef and served on toasted brioche buns. Things were already looking up. There are no less than 16 choices of burger, each of which bears a variety of the following: cheddar/Swiss/blue cheese, jalapenos, bacon, fried egg, pickles, sauteed mushrooms, even pastrami, buffalo/red pepper/barbecue sauces. There’s a turkey burger and two to tempt vegetarians:  one, all thin-sliced veggies; and the other a meatless patty with the usual fixin’s. At the risk of being lashed to a stake, I must confess to not being a great burger enthusiast. But I think I’m going back to AG to try the Wyatt Earp, which is served with the Angus beef patty, smoked applewood bacon, cheddar, warm barbecue sauce and onion rings.  I could become a fan after all.

To add to the choice difficulty, there’s another list of hearty sandwiches that include four chicken choices, a French dip, hot pastrami, two melts, two pulled porks, a BLT and a chicken wrap. Or you could opt for one of four AG specialty chicken dinners, one being chicken and waffles. Frank chose the generous grilled chicken breast, served with a loaded baked potato and a small salad, and was happy with his selection. Meanwhile, I lapsed into a mild food coma as I joyfully munched through a pulled pork with melted cheese on grilled sourdough, and could only mumble an indecipherable “mm-hmm-mmm” while mopping my face with a fifth napkin when the pleasant server stopped by to see how we were enjoying our meals.  

American Grub is a good place to bring the kids. It offers plenty of kid-friendly repasts, including hot dogs, chicken wings and mac and cheese, priced from $5-$8; burgers and sandwiches are $6-$14; appetizers, $7-$17; salads, $6-$15; chicken plates, $12-$18; sides, $4-$7; and cookies, at $2 each. Soft drinks, tea and coffee are $3 each, and local craft beer and wine are also served.

AG will prepare your take-out order or deliver via Grubhub. Phone (714) 505-3500, and don’t forget to tell them that the Foothills Sentry sent you.