What do buyers look for in a city?

May 2019

Working with homebuyers for over 30 years, I’ve learned that, over time, the basics remain the same. People look to the neighborhood that meets their lifestyle. As a realtor, we don’t just change addresses -- we change lives. Where someone chooses to reside depends upon several factors. 

Most important is affordability. Whether renting or purchasing, the client must be able to afford the monthly payments and expenses to live where they want to call home. Typically, the monthly housing expense should be about one-third of the monthly income.

Lifestyle is also important. A family with young children would look to a home with a yard, good schools and other children in the neighborhood. On the other hand, a young professional may want to live near a vibrant downtown area, close to restaurants, shops, public transportation and nightlife. 

Over the past 30 years, we have seen a tremendous shift in demographics of Old Towne Orange, Fullerton, Santa Ana and Tustin, as the trendy restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues draw crowds from all parts of the county.

Public safety is also an important factor in the decision to move. People want to feel safe when they leave their home and visit the commercial areas that are within walking distance from their home.

Access to medical care is especially important to an aging population. Being close to their doctors and medical facilities are key factors when older people decide to downsize or relocate.

A sense of community, special interests, or people who just care about other people allow newcomers to form friendships and participate. The historic roots of our Old Towne area offer a look back in time, while fulfilling the current wants and needs of its residents. 

Special events like the Orange International Street Fair, May Parade, Tree Lighting, Third and Fourth of July, chili cook-offs, art walks, equestrian activities and car shows are just a few activities that give people the pride in their community that they are looking for. Memories are made at those events that last a lifetime. 

I am proud to be the president of the Orange Chamber of Commerce, creating and helping nonprofits, businesses and events become a reality in the City of Orange. We are only a snapshot of a 130-year-old city, but over time, we ALL make a difference!