Pitts and Miles take on new leadership roles on Villa Park council

Robbie Pitts

Crystal Miles

The Villa Park City Council, in a unanimous vote, named Robbie Pitts to serve as mayor for 2020, and Crystal Miles as mayor pro tem.

Pitts was mayor pro tem last year, and has been a councilman since 2017. Miles was elected to the council in 2018.

The Dec. 17 transfer of the mayor’s gavel from Vince Rossini, whose one-year term as mayor was ending, to Pitts happened with little fanfare and even less public participation.  The transition took place in a nearly empty council chamber, in contrast to last year’s contentious mayoral appointment, when Pitts’ supporters filled the hall and lobbied the council to name him mayor. 

Rossini, then mayor pro tem, was clearly the council’s choice, even before nominations and voting began. Following an intense public debate, with both Pitts’ and Rossini’s supporters making the case for their candidate of choice, Pitts opened the decision-making proceedings by quietly nominating Rossini for the job. 

This time around, Pitts was the clear favorite.  Resident Greg Mills reminded the council of Pitts’ magnanimity last year, but the council did not need prodding.  Councilman Bob Collacott nominated Pitts for mayor and Crystal Miles for mayor pro tem.

“I’d like to make this unanimous,” Rossini said.  “I’ve seen a true partnership among council members this year, and it would be an honor to have them as mayor and mayor pro tem.”

Mayor Robbie Pitts thanked his colleagues and supporters. “It is a privilege to be Villa Park Mayor for the next term,” he said. “Serving this community is a joy, and I’m grateful every,day. I’ve been true to the needs of Villa Park for the last three years. I promise to represent the city in a way you’d expect and in concert with the values we all share.”

“I have big shoes to fill,” Miles said of her new position. “I will do my best to keep the city’s values 100 percent on path.”

January 2020