​​​​OUSD board approves ill-prepared charter school

By Tina Richards
With the voter petition to hold a special election now certified, OUSD trustees agreed to a vote by-mail ballot process instead of using more costly in-person polling places to fill a seat on the OUSD board. Board members, minus displaced appointee Greg Salas and John Ortega, who was absent, voted 5-0 to elect a temporary trustee by mail on March 1, a day determined by the county board of education.

he country registrar of voters
estimated the cost of a standalone
special election to be between
$468,469 and $536,859,
while all-mail balloting would be
between $326,656 and $385,046.
Prior to the vote, board members
were advised that some 51
percent of ballots in a routine
election were done by mail and
49 percent of those were from
individuals who demonstrated a
high propensity to vote.

There was very little discussion
preceding the board’s decision.