Doug Vogel

The City of Orange needs new leadership that represents the interests of the entire city. 

Our current City Council is represented by individuals who have served far too long, with decades of neglect to many aspects of the city. They have not been fiscally responsible in their negotiation of collective bargaining contracts, leaving our city in millions of unfunded pension liability debt. They’ve failed to protect us from the homeless community living in encampments at our border. Finally, their lack of planning has left many parts of our city’s infrastructure in poor condition, and not as aesthetically appealing as the Old Towne district.

I believe proven experience is more valuable than a long tenure. With a master’s degree in public administration and more than 20 years of experience in public service, I have brought solutions to balance the state budget, brought tax revenue back to Orange County, and created programs to end homelessness and reduce the effects of poverty in our community. Read more about my vision at

John Russo

My name is John Russo. I am a candidate for mayor of Orange. 

I am Orange’s past, present and future.  Born and raised in Orange, my past is rooted in Orange. I presently live, work and attend college in Orange. My candidacy represents new leadership, new Ideas and new perspectives – the future of Orange. What matters most to you?  If a stable city budget, a business-friendly environment, an educated workforce, and safe neighborhoods are your priorities, then I need your vote.

I am committed to maintaining a balanced budget and spending your money wisely. 

My Economic Invigoration Plan is focused on creating a business-friendly environment, streamlining processes and new business and tax incentives. My Education and Workforce Development Plan is designed to create a well-trained and engaged workforce. As a catalyst for opportunity, my goals are to serve YOU, make time to hear your voices, and be responsive to your concerns and ideas. I humbly request your vote for mayor of Orange.

October 2018

Orange Mayoral Candidates

​​Mark A. Murphy 

Councilman / Businessman

Born and raised in the City of Orange, it has been my privilege to serve as your mayor and councilman. Together, we have worked to increase fiscal responsibility while maintaining strong police and fire departments. I have kept my pledge to fight taxes while working to secure additional parks and resources, including the Sports Center at Grijalva and our main library expansion.

I ask for your support to elect me as your Mayor. With your support, we will continue to fight for a safe, financially secure community. My 30 years in business gives me the experience to lead Orange on a secure path through these challenging times.

I remain committed that our city can only accommodate responsible growth. We must reduce traffic congestion, address homelessness and preserve our history. With your help, we will keep Orange among the best communities in which to live, work and raise a family.

My service has earned the endorsements of U.S. Representative Mimi Walters, Mayor Tita Smith, Councilmembers Fred Whitaker, Mike Alvarez and Kim Nichols, Orange Police Association and Orange City Firefighters.