Fiscal Responsibility Advocate. I have my master’s degree in Public Policy from Cal State University, Long Beach.   

I oppose rezoning and believe in preservation of historic designations and safeguarding wildlife habitats.

I am a retired 20-year employee of Orange County Department of Education,  responsible for budgeting, administration and auditing of public grant money.  I was in charge of monitoring over $20 million in grant money from both private and government agencies.  I believe in conservative spending, balanced budgets and transparency in government programs.  Accountability and responsibility in fiscal spending of public money is my main goal.

I am currently the treasurer, and member of the Board of Directors, Rocking Horse Ridge Estate Homeowners Association.  

I am concerned about local issues, and am an active participant in the community where I volunteer at homeless shelters in Orange County.

I am a 17-year resident of Orange, where my daughter graduated from Chapman University with both undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Orange City Council Candidates

​​Daniel Correa

I’m Daniel Correa and I have a plan. A plan that starts with elevating the Economy of Orange. Where we are right now is the center of the largest economic market in all America: SoCal. Yet, we have been myopic about our economy. We need to look beyond our borders and grasp the opportunity at hand. We do not live in a bubble here in Orange.

Orange is the heart of Orange County and the center of SoCal. Orange is one of the great communities of America.  Where else can you find 10th generation students at the high school, up to 76 churches within our city boundaries?  Where else can you support organizations that help keep poverty from our Barrio, provide for our libraries, record our impressive history and preserve our historic districts?

Yet, my plan is bigger than that. My plan includes the complete resolution of the homeless situation, a positive response to immigration issues, and the restoration of quality to our neighborhoods. We need a plan for our residents. Help me help our community.  

Jon Dumitru

I was born and raised here in Orange and it’s been my honor to serve previously on the city council.  I brought forward eight balanced budgets while increasing our Police and Fire Department staffing.

I kept my promise to fight tax and fee increases, and I am opposed to any attempt to increase the sales tax in Orange (like our neighboring cities).  

I will be working to bring additional parks, community events, and programs for seniors. I will use my experience to lead Orange and continue to fight for a safe and financially secure city.

My 25 years of service with the Orange County Fire Authority gives me experience that cannot be matched in public safety, and I am strongly opposed to Orange becoming a heroin needle exchange city.

My goal is to make Orange the safest city in California and never tolerate another crisis like the Santa Ana River homeless encampments.

Keep Orange the best city to live, work and raise a family.

Kimberlee “Kim” Nichols

In four years on the City Council, I’ve adhered to these fundamentals: fiscal responsibility, local control, personal accountability, community involvement, and maintaining a balanced budget without raising taxes. Orange will continue to enjoy growing prosperity and the quality of life that defines our city and its diverse neighborhoods by working together, while remaining true to these principles.

Orange has been instrumental in my life for over 50 years. I’m a small business owner; I attended Orange schools; and, my husband and I raised our three children here. I’ve been an active volunteer in numerous local organizations. 

As a council member, oncology nurse and small business owner, I’ve learned it takes collaboration and partnership to solve problems and get things done.  Building positive relationships creates positive outcomes; listening to ideas and input of the community allows for informed decision-making.

I’m committed to upholding citizen safety and security, preserving Orange’s rich history, enabling businesses to flourish, and ensuring that new development enhances our city’s vision and complements its diverse history.  

I ask for your vote on November 6th. 

Adrienne J. Gladson                    

Planning Commissioner/Businesswoman

Keeping crime low and protecting our families is my top priority.  I strongly support our law enforcement and fire personnel in keeping Orange neighborhoods safe. 

I will bring seven years of experience as a planning commissioner, and extensive knowledge as a certified city planner, to the office.  My public service career and land-use planning background makes me familiar with local government and prepares me to hold City Hall accountable. 

The future is bright, but crucial quality of life matters require my independent voice on the council.  My pledge to taxpayers is to deliver fiscal responsibility and transparency, ethical governance, and opportunities for everyone to succeed. 

Once elected, I will grow our economy by attracting new businesses, simplify and improve city services, balance growth, find traffic solutions, support our libraries, preserve Orange history, and fight for new parks, trails and open space. 

I am endorsed by Mayor Tita Smith, former Mayor Carolyn Cavecche, former Mayor Pro Tem Dan Slater, Orange business owners, and community leaders. 

I humbly ask for your vote. Visit:

October 2018

Betty Valencia

My name is Beatriz “Betty” Valencia.  I am a long-time resident of Orange. I have more than two decades of volunteer experience within my local communities. I am currently the VP of operations in a financial institution, and pursuing my Ph.D. in leadership studies.

I am aware of the challenging issues facing our city, such as homelessness, traffic, and facilitating sustainable economic growth. I believe we need new perspectives and openness to work with our residents and neighboring cities. 

My job will be to amplify the voices of residents, to ensure inclusiveness in policies that are implemented, and to balance the responsibilities of local government with the needs of our community.

I am willing to do the work required to help our city be the best it can be. I am not a politician with an agenda. I am one of you. I enter city council without an inherited agenda. I enter city council with the intent to learn, and not assume I know all there is to know. I enter city council with you in mind.

Chip Monaco

As a third-generation Orange resident, I’m proud to be homegrown and raised in this great town.  My wife and I are raising our children here, where they attend Orange public schools, just like I did. I currently serve as chairman of the Orange County Taxpayers Association, where fighting unnecessary taxes, like the gas tax, and protecting Proposition 13 is our mission. As a private sector businessman, with experience in the public sector, I know what it takes to run government more like a business.  If elected, I will:
•    Fight new taxes
•    Protect our neighborhoods from crime 
•    Preserve Orange’s great history and traditions
•    Adopt business-friendly policies that grow Orange’s economy
•    Lead the efforts to end the homelessness crisis. 

I am proud to be endorsed by our Orange City Firefighters.

Please join Mayor Pro Tem Mark A. Murphy; Councilmembers Mike Alvarez and Fred Whitaker; former Orange Councilmembers Carolyn Cavecche, Mike Spurgeon, and William G. Steiner; and many other Orange residents and business-owners in their support of my candidacy.  Please vote for Chip Monaco for Orange City Council.

Zachary Collins

I would be honored to represent you in City Hall! So many people are born and raised here such as myself, or relocate to Orange, and a vast majority of residents choose to stay. I think that says something great about our city. It’s our home! 

If elected, I promise to be completely accessible at all times. My personal cell phone number, (714) 363-2300, is available for anyone to call or text 24/7. Everyone will be welcome into my home, and I will always be here to listen to your viewpoints on what you would like accomplished in our city. I assure you, your voice will be heard in City Hall. 

I will always be a public servant and never a politician. My goal is to maintain an unbiased outlook on issues facing our city, and serve all Orange residents equally. Additionally, the city has operating hours, but, emergencies do not. If a city emergency happens late at night, I want that phone call. I want to help. 

Thank you for your support. Visit: Collins.Vote