By Sentry Staff 

Instead of confirming amendments made to the city’s party/underage  drinking  ordinance  at its last meeting, the Orange City Council started over with a revised version, April 12.

The language in the ordinance approved in March was, on second  thought, considered too vague. Staff  strengthened  the wording, and the council voted, 5-0, to accept it.  The revised ordinance will be brought back to the council in May for a confirming vote.

The  original  amendment  allowed for any individual attending a loud or unruly party to be cited. That was changed to any individual  who is  “contributing to the loud or unruly nature of the gathering.” The revision also closed a loophole that exonerated the host if he or she called the police to report the disturbance at their residence. As written, hosts could avoid a citation by calling police themselves even as a patrol car arrived. That text was modified with the provision that to avoid a citation, the host must have called police before any of the neighbors did.

The  amended ordinance  also extends the second violation period from 10 days to the next June 30, and allows citizens who take legal action against a homeowner, renter, or landlord who creates a nuisance with loud, unruly parties to recover attorney fees.

Noise ordinance tweaked again