Neighbor wary of sober living home

Residents are concerned about the establishment of a sober living home in Villa Park. The owner of a private residence at 18912 Patrician, Izzy Hirson, has applied for a business license for a sober living house, the number of occupants as yet undetermined. Villa Park, reports City Manager Jarad Hildenbrand, “has no control, as state license supercedes city governance.”  

By law, the city is required to treat the facility as a normal residence. Possible impacts to neighbors, including noise and traffic, may be addressed by residents under public nuisance laws. That is the only recourse neighbors will have. Meanwhile, city residents are watching with great interest as Costa Mesa and Newport enter into legal battles over the establishment of sober living homes.

Villa Park is known for its secluded location and the privacy afforded its citizens. At present, the city is home to several assisted living facilities, but this is the first sober living residence to apply for a license.