N. Tustin Notes:

by Scott Logue

In response to the increasing incidents of crime in the North Tustin area and throughout California, the Foothill Communities Association is seeking volunteers for the FCA Crime Reduction Committee (CRC). The CRC’s mission will be to monitor the volume, trends and types of local crimes being committed. It will also report to the public on a periodic basis, including recommended actions that residents can take to minimize exposure to crime.

The FCA CRC also hopes to establish a relationship with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and open a line of communication to discuss some of the concerns raised by the community and work together to address them.

Many of us have noted from the news, Nextdoor.com and community Facebook pages, that there has been a steady stream of theft from mailboxes and packages stolen from front door porches. As a growing number of consumers opt for front door delivery services, and with detection and capture of the offenders difficult, combined with “unmotivational” punitive measures, we can expect this trend to continue. In response, we could each choose to install lockable mailboxes, use P.O. boxes, install outdoor cameras or a RING doorbell, drop ship to Amazon Lockers or use Amazon’s Key Home Kit that allows delivery drivers to leave packages inside your house for security.

Upon this committee’s establishment, the date for the first FCA CRC community meeting will be announced with an open invitation to all North Tustin residents and surrounding neighborhoods.  The meeting will include a presentation on crime in North Tustin, with statistics and suggestions to harden your home and adjust habits for crime deterrence and defense.

The crime reduction community meeting will also be a time to meet with the members of the FCA CRC to share your concerns, discuss ideas, ask questions, and also an opportunity to meet and chat with various agencies from Orange County, the Foothill Communities Association board members, and other FCA committees.

To volunteer your time, you can reach me at FCACRCvolunteer@gmail.com with your contact information (that will only be used for committee communications). To make a donation in support of the FCA CRC, to help with postage and printing of materials, please email the president of the Foothill Communities Association, Rick Nelson at rnelson@FCAhome.org.Type your paragraph here.

September 2018