N. Tustin Notes:

Orange is the New Green

By Scott Logue

In our ongoing efforts to ensure that our residential neighborhoods are protected from intrusive uses, the Foothill Communities Association (FCA) has continued its participation in the review process for the “Orange is the New Green” amendment to the Orange County zoning code that began back in May 2016.

The greater North Tustin area is by far the largest residential area that would be affected by this amendment. FCA representatives have attended workshops on these zoning concerns and commented on all drafts. Orange County personnel have been responsive to our comments and, in most cases, receptive to our suggestions.

The FCA urged that the proposed tree preservation ordinance not apply to nearly built-out areas of North Tustin because it would be a burden to homeowners. It now will only apply to the canyon areas. Senior living facilities were removed as an allowable use in our residential areas. Additionally, community assembly facilities, cultural institutions, and commercial entertainment venues are limited to what is currently allowed within the existing zoning code. Most recently, the final zoning code amendment draft also removed health care facilities from North Tustin residential areas.

FCA expects the zoning code amendment to go before the Orange County Board of Supervisors in March or April. The FCA will continue to monitor and participate in this important process to preserve and enhance our highly-valued living environment. 

FCA is a nonprofit organization of neighbor-volunteers representing an area in unincorporated Orange County of approximately 10,000 homes. Plan to attend the annual FCA meeting in early March.  Details TBA. Please visit, donate to, or join us at FCAHome.org. To learn more about “Orange is the New Green,” visit ocpublicworks.com.


January 2020