N. Tustin Notes:

By Scott Logue

In the fall of 2019, 6,000 members of the Foothill Communities Association (FCA) were polled to determine their position on a pending amendment to the Orange County code that would legalize the parking of recreational vehicles (RVs), or the renting of driveways for RV parking, without restrictions on residential properties.  Just under 500 FCA members responded to the poll, with 83 percent opposing such an amendment. A poll on Nextdoor concluded with 79 percent of responders against the amendment.

The code was originally enacted in 2002 with ambiguous wording as to how RVs can be parked or stored on a homeowner’s property. Orange County Third District Supervisor Don Wagner and others have reviewed the legal interpretation of the 2002 code, and have determined that the code currently prevents the parking or storing of RVs on residential properties. 

Conversely, Orange County Code Enforcement has always interpreted the code as permitting the parking and storage of RVs, and takes the position that RVs can be parked or stored in any manner without limitation. The proposed amendment to this code would clarify this discrepancy to support Code Enforcement’s interpretation, which Don Wagner has communicated his support for, including his pending vote in favor of the amendment.

The amendment will legalize the parking and storage of RVs on residential driveways without any limitations or restrictions whatsoever, including multiple RVs, the renting of driveways for RV parking, and the storage of RVs adjacent to the street, potentially blocking the view of oncoming traffic. Affected neighbors will have no say or recourse.

We encourage you to communicate your position on this issue to Supervisor Wagner at Donald.Wagner@ocgov.com or reach out to him at (714) 834-3330. The FCA (FACHome.org) is interested in feedback from North Tustin residents about this issue, at rnelson@fcahome.org.

A more comprehensive county code amendment, “Orange is the New Green,” will be discussed during a public hearing at the Tues., March 24 Board of Supervisors meeting. The final draft is being recommended for adoption by the board. The public may send comments in advance, or attend the hearing in person. The board meets at 333 Santa Ana Blvd (bldg. 10), commencing at 9:30 a.m. 

March 2020