It’s time for Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving

By Sentry Staff

Are you interested in participating in the annual Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving tradition? Want to join many other Villa Park and surrounding area residents by hosting young Marines who cannot make it home for the holiday? Believe it or not, it’s time to sign up.

This is your chance to host two or more Marines at your home on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t worry about how big or small your house is, or how perfectly you cook a turkey dinner, it’s all about bringing meaning to Thanksgiving while giving these young Camp Pendleton Marines a family for the day when they cannot be with their own. If you’d like to find out more about the program, or sign up to participate, please visit the Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving website at

You can also visit the Facebook page, Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving, where you can see more photos and read comments from the Marines, their loved ones back home, and past host families.

Reins exchanged

The founders of the Villa Park Marine Thanksgiving program, Rick and Bonnie Barnett, are still very much involved. Day-to-day operations, however,  have been turned over to co-chairs David and Evan Frackelton.  The brothers attend Villa Park High School, and have enjoyed hosting Marines at their family home for many years.

The event committee includes their parents Robert and Madonna Frackelton, photographer Dan Dyk; finances are managed by the Villa Park Community Services Foundation (VPCSF).  All payments go directly to the tax exempt nonprofit VPCSF, which then pays for ground transportation and gifts for the big day.

Signing up early makes organizing and planning easier, so please don’t wait until the last minute.