The smaller of the two buildings makes its way down Cypress Street.  Chapman University plans to restore the historic structures once they are settled onto the north end of the packing house property.

Photos by Tony Richards

Historic buildings moved​​

History was changed in a matter of minutes. 

It took a specialty moving company only 15 minutes to relocate each of two historic buildings, the maintenance shed and the fertilizer shed for the Villa Park Orchards Association Packinghouse, to a new location 800 feet away. While the Jan. 19 journey down Cypress Street went quickly, it took weeks of preparation to jack up the buildings, secure the framework and remove the cupolas from the rooftops so they’d clear power lines. 

The move was necessary to make way for a new dormitory at Chapman University. 

To meet historical preservation standards, the two sheds were placed in an alignment that mirrored their original orientation to the railroad tracks and Cypress Street. The buildings will remain on jacks until new foundations are built in place beneath them. The cupolas will be returned to the rooftops.

The intended use of the historic buildings has not yet been confirmed, but the university will likely use them for storage.  The 1918 Sunkist packing plant, which remains firmly rooted on the property, will be historically restored in tandem with construction of the new dormitory. 

The new Villa Park Orchards Residential Village, which will house 401 students, is slated to open in the fall of 2019.

February 2018