The Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has fined the Southern California Taxpayers Association (SCTA) $2,500 for failing to identify itself on yard signs supporting Measure FF in 2012.

The Southern California Taxpayers Association is an on-again, off-again organization that funnels money from special interests into political campaigns.   During the November 2012 election, it received major funding from Milan Capital to support a measure in the City of Orange.

Measure FF was put on the ballot by citizens opposing development on the 52-acre former Ridgeline Golf Course in East Orange.  The referendum sought to overturn a decision by the city council approving 39 estate homes to be built by Milan Capital on land zoned for recreation.   A “yes” vote kept the development on the table; a “no” vote overturned the council’s approval.

Some 55 percent of the voters said “no,” despite an extensive “vote yes” campaign financed by the Ridgeline developer through SCTA.  A citizen filed a complaint with the FPPC noting that “Yes on FF” yard signs did not indicate who had paid for them, as required by law.

The FPPC ruled that SCTA funds paid for an advertisement in the form of 750 lawn signs supporting Measure FF without required committee identification, in violation of Government Code Section 84504, subdivision (c).

FPPC fines developer committee