Huffery and puffery

By Bob Kirkeby

Full disclosure, I’m an old guy, but I know a puff piece when I see it. I got one the other day. The return address was from an office building managed by Milan Capital, the investment group pushing development on the Sully-Miller site. Their “The Trails at Santiago Creek News” offered statements from six old guys that were not factual. Let’s be accurate:

Mark Moore:  The project’s proposed trails are not part of the East Orange Loop Trail, and definitely not any of the missing links. 

Dick Hollinger:  There are many Mabury Ranch residents opposed to the project. Of the 26 letters Mabury Ranch submitted for the RDEIR, 24 opposed the project, with only two in support. 

Tom Davidson: The pollution on the site has been created by Milan. No need to approve a bad project; it is time the city enforce the rules and forced Milan to clean up its mess.  

Bill Steiner: Milan’s project adds more traffic to Cannon and Serrano, not relief. It's development is the wrong answer.

Nick Lall: The sand and gravel nightmare continues because Milan won’t abide by the rules. The city refuses to enforce the rules, and simply looks the other way. 

Mike Spurgeon: I agree Milan needs to clean up the mess it caused. Mike, you approved the zone change to allow houses next to Mabury Ranch when you were on city council. Sorry, that’s where Milan gets to build.

Bob Kirkeby is a resident of Orange Park Acres

July 2019