Howard Kirchner

My wife Barbara and I have been residents, parents and grandparents in Villa Park for the best 37 years of our lives. We are thankful for the city as an environment in which to enjoy our children’s schooling, sports and other activities, and, with them, the associated families with whom we have developed our greatest friendships.

The semi-rural environment, large properties, local small retailers, quiet neighborhoods with limited traffic, few street lights and sidewalks are aspects of Villa Park and its General Plan that should be preserved. My views favor limited government, less regulation, more effective communication with residents as to the best solutions to the issues facing the city (infra-structure, finances, services), reasoned communication, focused listening at both the intra and extra council level, and promotion of a friendly, fun, inclusive a open sense of community. Additionally, I would like to contribute to an improved level of cooperation and teamwork with OUSD and neighboring cities for the further betterment of all of our children, neighbors, and neighborhoods – our town.

Robert “Robbie” Pitts

Age: 60

Occupation: Businessman

In order to advance our community in an uncertain geo-political environment and economy, I will utilize my innovative business background to find ways to support and enhance our community safety, education and infrastructure, ensuring we continue to live in a community that emulates the high standards and values for which Villa Park is known.

How?  The same way I have been successful in business -- listening to my clients, working with my peers, researching alternatives, and arriving at an equitable and informed decision. I humbly ask for your vote and continued support.

Vincent Rossini

Villa Park is a special place with a neighborly family environment.  As your councilman, I will provide leadership in implementing a fiscally responsible approach to maintaining our unique community, its infrastructure and low crime rate.  This will contribute to improved property values. My candidacy is endorsed by the Orange County Republican Party.

I chair the Law Enforcement Advisory Committee, a group of resident law enforcement professionals, that has been instrumental in reducing the City’s crime rate 6 percent, while the rate in the City of Orange increased 29 percent.

I have enjoyed successful public and private sector careers.  As a law enforcement officer, I have dedicated my career to protecting citizens of California.  I will bring this same level of dedication to leading our city.  Before becoming an officer, I helped build a successful aviation business. I interned in the office of Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan and was an aide for Los Angeles Councilman John Ferraro.

I was awarded an appointment to the Air Force Academy and a dean’s scholarship to USC, and earned a master’s of public administration from USC.

My young family is proud to live in Villa Park.  I would be honored to receive your vote.

Candidate Statements for 2016 

Villa Park City Council Election