Steve Duff

My name is Steve Duff, and I am running for the SMRPD board of directors. My wife and I have lived in Modjeska Canyon for eight years. You might already know me through my service as ICL vice-president, and my other work on canyon development and specific plan issues.

The current SMRPD board has brought the organization a very long way from just a few years ago, when it was dysfunctional and hemorrhaging taxpayer money. This SMRPD has been providing new programs, improved our facilities and parks, developed additional revenue streams, and now operates near break-even.

Two years ago, I was one of those pressing the new board to rescue our failing Children’s Center, in the face of imminent closure. Today the SCC is thriving: enrollments have sharply increased, and it operates without any taxpayer funds whatsoever.

If elected, I would look to continue and build on this arc of success.

I’ve attended most of the SMRPD meetings over the last few years and understand the issues. My door will always be open for your thoughts and ideas. Thanks for your support.

Tara Saraye

As I was picking up trash along Santiago Road during last weekend’s Inter-Coastal Cleanup, I marveled at the surrounding beauty in the hillsides, and was reminded why I want to work to preserve this treasured landscape. I view the canyons as natural, tranquil and unscarred; yet threats to the canyons and their trails have been increasing.

My goal is maintaining the canyons’ best attributes, while carefully executing changes and improvements where needed. This can be attained through collaborative efforts with the community, continued education and enforcement. I use my background in education and leadership to work with the community to identify needs and goals, staying firm in the Sil-Mod Plan, and then acting to make improvements. The canyons’ unique lifestyle and environment must be preserved.

I’m the quiet volunteer you see cracking eggs and cleaning at the Easter pancake breakfast, filling and delivering sandbags and safety fliers to neighbors, selling tickets at the Country Fair, leading student groups on local hikes, or working on creek cleanups. I enjoy working with our community and its remarkable people.

Please join the endorsements and support from Linda May and Chay Peterson, along with can-yon friends and neighbors, in voting for Tara Saraye.

Heidi Murphy-Grande

I have lived in Silverado Canyon for 21 years with my children, Olivia, 15, and Giovanni, 9, my husband and our band of animals. In this beautiful place, nature is truly queen. It is the unique environment and sense of community here that make the canyons so special. I want to give back to my community by serving on the SMRPD.

One of the most crucial issues we face is how we protect our existing easement rights, trail systems and open spaces. I have a strong desire to preserve and develop new trail systems to serve hikers, equestrians, bikers and everyone who enjoys the outdoors. I would like to see the community programs expand, and more residents to become involved in all the wonderful existing programs. A suggestion box would be an idea to consider to give the community a chance to express what recreational activities or issues they would like the SMRPD to consider. 

My background as an environmental land planner, realtor, artist, parent and equestrian gives me a combination of the technical skills to deal with land use/regulatory issues, but also a sense of the importance of the heritage and lifestyle this community would like to preserve.

Candidate Statements for Silverado-Modjeska Recreation and Park District Board of Directors