All advertising is pre-paid. Payment is due by the 1st of each month of publication. We accept cash, check, credit cards or money order.

A set-up fee will apply to all non camera-ready ads and ads we create using your materials.
A nominal fee will be charged for ad revisions taking more than 5 minutes

Color ads: $25 per column inch
Black and White ads: $20 per column inch

Ads are priced according to the number of columns across by the ad's length measured in inches down to the nearest 1/4 inch.

A full page is 5 columns (10 inches) across by 15.75 inches down

1 column = 1.86 inches
2 column = 3.9 inches
3 column = 5.93 inches
4 column = 7.95 inches
5 column = 10 inches

Service Directory: $177 for a 3 month run, plus an initial set up fee of $20.

This is a 3 1/8” across x 2” down, black & white ad which is approximately a business card size. *Please Note: Changes made to an existing ad will be billed for the time and amount of work involved.

Professional Services Directory: $240 annually
This is a 1.86” across x 1” down black & white listing.

Classifieds: $5 per line – up to 32 characters per line.

Refund policy: Advertising is non-refundable. A credit will be given for pre-paid ads that are not published when scheduled.