Cemetery expansion includes trails

The Orange City Council accepted an easement deed from the Catholic Diocese of Orange enabling two new trail segments to connect with existing recreational routes by Holy Sepulcher Cemetery.

The trails will be constructed by the diocese and maintained by the Orange Park Association, in whose province they are located.  The trails will connect with the Coyote Watch and Rattlesnake Canyon Trails, which were conveyed to the city via an easement in 2016.  The easements for all four trails are part of a city-         approved expansion/improvement project at the cemetery.

A new trail on the west side of Santiago Canyon Road will connect the Rattlesnake spur to a new crossing/intersection, situated approximately 200 feet north of its current location.  The diocese will relocate the crossing to create a controlled access point for the cemetery at a signalized intersection.

On the east side of Santiago Canyon Road, the second trail will be extended from the new street crossing to the end of the maintenance yard.  That trail will join the trail system in the reservoir.  A traffic loop detector will be installed for the Santiago Canyon Road crossing, and will be maintained by the city.

The trail easements will be in effect for 30 years, followed by five-year renewal options.